Innovation + high-level services

• Modern technologies (advanced equipment such as automatic handling systems connected to the latest generation software)
• Introduction of Supply Chain Management as a distinctive feature, instead of traditional management methods generally practised in other shipping and logistics companies (sophisticated logistics)

Other strong sides:
• Spacious warehouses with modern storage facility
• Continuous quality in all services and guaranteed prompt and careful shipping – main priority!
• The use of only modern technologies to provide the best service

The company operates with leading-edge logistics equipment, such as automated handling units controlled by especially designed software systems for logistic activities. These machines can pick, pull & pack, and process, read and print bar-codes instantly. Given the complexity of the system, it is very important to create a dialogue between warehouse functions and management. Picking is a process of making up a customer's order inside a warehouse. Warehouse handlers need to collect each item, then assemble a customer’s order by organizing the requested quantity and finally prepare the shipment. The pick & pack is similar to picking but includes also packaging of the shipment, thus preparing packages containing required quantities of various items. The PDA (personal digital assistant) with bar code reader enables you to perform these activities promptly, which brings real advantages in time savings.